CRTC Application

Praise FM has applied to the CRTC for an FM license to serve the local area with a new signal that comprises Sydney, North Sydney, Sydney Mines, Glace Bay and New Waterford. If our CRTC FM license is approved in 2017 we will begin an exciting process to further enhance our current programming and to also call and invite more volunteers to join the growing Praise FM team.

Available below are the files sent to CRTC as part of our application process.

CRTC Application Form 101 from CICB
Appendix 1 Supplementary Brief
Appendix 2A Applicant Ownership and Contact Info
Appendix 2C Incorporation and Charity status
Appendix 4A Proof of Receipt from IC for FBC P Eng
Appendix 4E 4F PENG Report 2015169 FM class A Sydney NS
Appendix 4G Transmitter Site Land Availability
Appendix 5C 5D Financial Statements CICBFM
Appendix 8A CTD
Appendix 8B Sample Program Grid Local vs Syndicated Programs
Appendix 8C Sample PlayList CICB AM PM
Appendix 9 List of Intervention Letters of Support
Appendix 9 1-10 Letters of Support
Appendix 9 11-20 Letters of Support
Appendix 9 21-30 Letters of Support
Appendix 9 31-40 Letters of Support
Appendix 9 41-50 Letters of Support
Appendix 9 51-59 Letters of Support