Who We Are

In a post Christian society one of the challenges facing the church is:
How do we share the gospel with people who will not come into our buildings to meet with us?

It is estimated thatCape Breton Island has around 2% – 4% of the population who are Born Again Christians. We believe an important part of any community is its spiritual life and Cape Breton Island is no different. In the 2011 National Household survey, Cape Breton, RGM Nova Scotia, from Statistics Canada, it was revealed that over 90% of the Island expressed some form of Christian faith; yet do not go to church. There is no local radio station catering to this demographic within our community. In response to this Faith Baptist is leading the way in encouraging the evangelical community on the island in partnering together to set up a full powered radio station.

Our application for a FM license is before the CRTC, and if we get our license we will then pursue our goal of being a  full power FM radio station.

The vision of the Christian radio:
“A Christ-centred FM radio station that will share the life changing message of Jesus Christ through music, testimony and teaching, in Cape Breton and the wider world.”

The Fm station will be a non commercial, not for profit, listener supported station that will broadcast 24/7 with both live shows including local content, and pre-recorded music and teaching from international ministries. The studio will be built within the confines of Faith Baptist Church.